Thematic Workshops

In order to jointly develop the CE-Ageing Strategy three workshops were held together with experts of research and applied science as well as content related policy responsible persons at the national levels so that up-to date knowledge and policy actions are integrated into the Strategy.

Results, all presentations including photos from the meetings and reports are available below.

1st Thematic Workshop on CE Ageing Strategy

17 April 2012, Berlin/Germany

Agenda of the 1st Thematic Workshop
Presentations of WS I
CE-Ageing Project Introduction
CE-Ageing Strategy Development Process
CE-Ageing Strategy results so far
Report of WS I
Report of 1st Thematic Workshop

Photo Gallery

2nd Thematic Workshop on CE Ageing Strategy

13 June 2012, Linz/Austria

Agenda of the 2nd Thematic Workshop

Brief Report

Presentations of WS II
Central Europe Knowledge Platform for an Ageing Society by Tanja Bogner
CE-Ageing Strategy Development Process by Jana Machacova
CE-Ageing Strategy Status Quo by Petra Moser
CE-Ageing Strategy & Actions by Anette Scopetta

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3rd Thematic Workshop on CE Ageing Strategy

17 September 2012, Vienna/Austria

Agenda of the 3rd workshop
Brief report

Presentations of WS II
Workshop introduction - CE-Ageing Strategy development process by Petra Moser
CE-Ageing Strategy - Analysis of Regional activities and recommendations by Anette Scoppetta
Regional activities and recommendations - best practices by Jana Machacova
Next steps by Petra Moser

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