Partners' websites

CE-AGEING PLATFORM: Dissemination activities on the PP websites

LP - Chamber of Labour Upper Austria (as accessed 29/04/2011)

PP2 - Centre for Social Innovation (as accessed 15/04/2011)

PP3 - BAB Ltd (information about the project included in the eNewsletter, April 2011. There is no project section on the website)

PP4 - Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Saxony-Anhalt(as accessed 26/07/2011)

PP5 - Economic Institute of Maribor; Human Development Centre (in Slovenian language, as accessed 27/07/2011) (The same information about the project is provided also in English)

National/Slovenia website for the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme (as accessed 05/09/2011)

PP6 - Central Transdanubian Regional and Economic Development Nonprofit Company, Hungary (in Hungarian language, as accessed 11/08/2011)

PP7 - Central Mining Institute, GIG (as accessed 15/04/2011)

PP8 - RPIC-ViP Ltd (as accessed 04/08/2011) (listing of all projects implemented within the organisation)

PP9 - Bridge to Education, o.s. (as accessed 03/08/2011)

PP10 - Regional Development Agency Senec-Pezinok (as accessed 06/04/2011) The section with listing of all implemented projects by the RDA Senec-Pezinok is under contraction and the project information with all relevant visuals will be actualized in August 2011.

PP11 - National Agency for Vocational Training, ISFOL  (as accessed 19/09/2011)

PP12 - Ministry of Labour, Family,  Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Republic of Slovenia (as accessed 01/08/2011)

PP13 - Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, UPSVAR (as accessed 17/06/2011)


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